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Performance Under Pressure
Considering a protection-focused IUL for your GUL prospects?

Concerned about the policy running out before your client does, or that it would even be conservative enough for them?

Discover answers to those questions and more – in our quick 2-page flyer:
  1. Understand how “To Age 100 Coverage" in a protection-focused product is a new concept;
  2. Learn how applying a typical index interest strategy to a lower performing 30-year-period in S&P® history still results in an attractive interest rate*;
  3. Finally, see how QoL Value+ Protector (QVPP) stacks up against the competition using the Stress Test.
The result? QVPP passes the test and may provide potential coverage with the potential to provide cash accumulation even when an index under performs.

Review it now to see which product stands up to the test!
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* Past performance does not guarantee future results.